“I think that any young drummer starting out today should get himself a great teacher and learn all there is to know about the instrument that he wants to play.”

                                                                ~ Buddy Rich

   A seasoned performer and music educator, Travis will teach you the skills and concepts you’ll need to hit the stage with the utmost proficiency, confidence and knowledge. If you’re serious about your instrument you need a teacher who can recognize your needs and enhance your musical growth.  Whether you’re just starting out or have been playing for years, Travis can help take you in the right direction to musical excellence.

  This former Wisconsin native now finds himself in Arizona’s beautiful East Valley where he splits his time as a music educator at the Blackbird Music & Arts Center in Queen Creek, AZ - teaching drums, piano and percussion - and private instruction.  Having studied with great industry professionals, Travis represents a musician well versed in all styles. Travis will work to improve your technique and creative approach while introducing you to important concepts that have helped shape and influence modern music as we know it.  Travis will provide each student with an immersive introduction into theory and the fundamentals helping to give them the building blocks they’ll need on their musical journey.

  Having played and toured for years, with such notable artists as Paris James, Jason Ricci and New Blood, Willie Oteri, Ronnie Whitehead & the Whitehead Brothers, Skinny Bishop and the late harmonica legend Chris Michalek, Travis represents a rare jewel in the East Valley, a teacher who has experienced the world of music from the inside. Valuable real world experience combined with a background in formal music education provides both teacher and student with a rich palette to draw from.

"I love to meet the needs of my students to enhance their growth through music."                                     
                                                                ~ Travis Blum

Photo Courtesy of Tim Hacker


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